Bob Plamondon


Bob Plamondon FCPA, FCA is a consultant, board member, author, historian.   

Bob's passion for Canada is evident from his five bestselling books about how Canada was built and how it succeeds. 


As a consultant with expertise in the fields of strategic planning, organizational transformation, performance management, finance, and public policy Bob's recent projects include developing a conceptual plan for a school of government at the University of Ottawa. He has also been a leader in a multi-year transformation in campus management and the university-wide resource optimization initiative that delivered $33 million in annual savings while also improving the staff and student experience.  


In a senior strategic advisory role at the City of Ottawa Bob developed and implemented a suite of financial and management reforms including a fiscal framework, budget challenge process, performance management system, and innovations in the transparency of financial reporting practices.


His current board work includes the National Capital Commission, where he is the chair of the audit committee and is a member of the executive committee.  He also sits on the board of Sportstats, the world’s largest running and triathlon timing company. He was one of the longest-serving board members of the Sierra Club of Canada. Bob’s extensive experience in public policy and public sector management includes leading governance evaluations of the board of directors of VIA Rail and EDC.  He also conducted an evaluation of the governance regime for Canada's national debt under the shared authority of the Bank of Canada and Finance Canada.  Bob is the author of Ten Steps to a governance Checkup for the Boards of Crown Corporations and Government Agencies


Bob's most recent book is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

JEAN CHRÉTIEN’s critics have said he was a man with a short attention span — a small-town hick who stumbled his way to become Canada’s 20th prime minister. Whatever credit the Chrétien government deserved was often given to Paul Martin, the heir apparent who was touted to be the brains behind the operation. But while Chretien was the subject of ridicule, he was quietly giving his competitors — both inside and outside of the Liberal party — a master class in politics, leadership, and nation-building. His decisions, which often ran counter to elite opinion, fundamentally reshaped and strengthened Canada as it entered the 21st century. Relying on new evidence, detailed analysis and exclusive interviews with former cabinet ministers, provincial premiers, political staff, strategists, and high-ranking bureaucrats – many of them speaking publicly for the first time – bestselling author and historian Bob Plamondon tells the surprising inside story of the Chretien years, including: · What Chretien would have done if the 1995 referendum had ended in a vote for separation · How Chretien kept Canada out of the US-led war in Iraq · Why a lifelong Liberal was the most conservative prime minister in Canadian history · The shocking details of the Chretien-Martin feud Until now, the story of Chretien’s time as prime minister has been largely misunderstood. Plamondon sets the record straight and provides compelling lessons about political leadership and problem-solving from a critical chapter in Canadian history.

"There’s a book coming out on Mr. Chrétien next month by Bob Plamondon called The Shawinigan Fox. It has revelations, which I’ve read, about the feud. Warning to the Martin crowd: Duck!"
"Having written two volumes on Chretien back in the day, I can assure you that Plamondon's book has much to add. I highly recommend it."


Bob is a graduate of Carleton University with a Masters of Management Studies and a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing.  He obtained the designation of Chartered Accountant in 1983. In recognition of a distinguished career, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario awarded Bob the designation of FCPA.  Bob has also taught at three Canadian universities at the undergraduate and graduate levels on a full and part-time basis. 

His work also led the renaming of the Ottawa River Parkway in honour of Sir John A. Macdonald.  In 2012 Bob was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal.

Bob a le plaisir de travailler en français dans le cadre de nombreux projets, et a l’habitude de contribuer dans des contextes de collaborations et de consultations bilingues.


A frequent media commentator, speaker, and writer on national and local issues, Bob is active in his community having served numerous community organizations and boards. The father of four children, Bob has also completed 13 marathons and two Ironman competitions.

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