Tax Policy

Plamondon & Associates Inc. is a leading authority on the compliance and administrative costs of Canada's major tax systems.

It has produced reports for the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Public Policy Forum, Canada Revenue Agency and Finance Canada on virtually every federal and provincial tax system in the country.

Plamondon has also been a key player in the domain of federal-provincial tax coordination. He undertook a groundbreaking study on the Tax Collection Agreements that led to a system of "tax on Income" versus "tax on tax," arguably the biggest single change in tax coordination in Canada over the past 50 years.

His work was instrumental in the Government of Ontario abandoning the administration of its corporate income tax system in favour of the the Canada Revenue Agency, thereby saving hundreds of millions in compliance and administrative costs on an annual basis.

Plamondon was a contributor to the Finance Canada "Technical Committee on Business Taxation" chaired by Jack Mintz.